Operating Systems Security

Page last updated: Oct 18, 2019.

Overview: The course examines past, present, and emerging approaches for securing operating systems. The focus is to provide a foundation for understanding requirements to secure hosts at the operating system level and survey the landscape of available tools and techniques for implementing security controls.

Topics covered: Operating system security: fundamentals and context. Methodologies for analyzing and evaluating the security of an operating system. Mandatory and discretionary access control. Secure operating systems: Multics and security kernels. Security analysis of general purpose operating systems (Windows, Linux/BSD, iOS, Android). Isolation architectures for data and processes: containers, sandboxing, virtual machines. Security of IoT operating systems (RIOT, Contiki, MbedOS).

Course outline: Coming November 2019.

Schedule: Fridays 11:30 - 14:30 at Carleton University.

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