• Winter 2021: COMP 5900T. Operating Systems Security
  • Winter 2021: COMP 4109. Applied Cryptography
  • Fall 2020: COMP 4000. Distributed Operating Systems
  • Winter 2020: COMP 5900T. Operating Systems Security
  • Winter 2019: INF4420a. Information Security
  • Winter 2019: INF6953K. Operating Systems Security
  • Winter 2018: INF4420a. Information Security
  • Fall 2017: INF4420a. Information Security

Program Committees

Journal Reviewing


  • Panel member at SPSM 2011. Security implications of Android: a “closed system, open software” Mobile Platform. Joined by Tim Wyatt (Lookout), Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi (TU Darmstadt), David Lie (University of Toronto), Nathaniel Husted (Indiana University), Jean-Pierre Seifer (Deutsche Telekom)